Milano Chemometrics cited in a book

“Bella e Potente: La chimica dagli inizi del Novecento ai giorni nostri” by Luigi Cerruti (Editori Riuniti University Press) outlines the history of chemistry of the last century until now. Two pages of the book are dedicated to our research group for the fundamental role played in the field of molecular descriptors. [read more…]


Milano Chemometrics has been involved in several projects related to the use of QSAR for the REACH registration of chemicals. If you are interested in collaboration on these topics, read here.

Molecular Descriptors Data Base

The MOLE db – Molecular Descriptors Data Base is a free on-line database constituted of 1124 molecular descriptors calculated on 234773 molecules, released by Milano Chemometrics and QSAR Research Group: explore the MOLE db data base here!

Handbook of Bibliometric Indicators

The book “Handbook of Bibliometric Indicators: Quantitative Tools for Studying and Evaluating Research”, published by Wiley and written by Roberto Todeschini and Alberto Baccini is now available. This is the first systematic guide to the growing jungle of citation indices and other bibliometric indicators. Further info here.